COMPANY (English)

NAME Bon Image Corp.
ADDRESS 1-15-14 Minamiaoyama.Minato-ku.Tokyo.JAPAN.107-0062
E-mail (Janese&Half)
Tel +81-3-3403-4110 (Main, International)
+81-3-3403-4120 (Janese&Half, Artist)
Fax +81-3403-4662
Date of
September 20, 1980
President Tetsuya Mabuchi
Employees 24 (as May,2017)


Since its founding in 1980, Bon Image has engaged in various coordination work related to advertisement planning.
In addition to direct booking, models invited from around the world count more than 200 people a year.
The Japanese model section started in 1999, then male model added, 70 people are currently enrolled.
We also invite Asian models by direct booking etc.
Magazines centered on fashion magazines, advertising media such as posters, catalogs, CMF, WEB,
Also, at the fashion show such as overseas designers and Tokyo collection, the model of Bon Image is active.
We also have experience in gathering information by dedicated staff who reside in Paris, New York, Sydney and coordinating shooting overseas.

Overseas exclusive staff

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